"Your heart is the earth, your confidence is the weather and your being is the Mystic Rose."- Osho

The Mystical Rose of Osho

The Mystic Rose group is a very powerful way to discover and deepen meditation. It is a scientific method of releasing many psycho-emotional blocks that we have and that also manifest in the physical body. By releasing these blockages, we can move out of the mind and into the body and heart. In the intelligence of the body and the space of the heart, there is an incredible release - meditation is already more natural. We can see more clearly, move out of patterns that no longer benefit us, transcend pain and live with more receptivity, spontaneity, joy and awareness.

A 3-week Meditation Therapy, 3 hours per day

Week One: Laughter

We laughed the full 3 hours; a total of 21 hours of laughter. Laughter releases emotional tension and has very effective healing effects on the muscular, circulatory, immune, nervous and hormonal systems. By laughing 3 hours a day, we come out of a kind of shell which we use to protect ourselves, but which makes us serious and forget our joy, spontaneity, openness to life and innocence - at this stage we go beyond the analytical and intellectual mind and enter a natural state of pure presence.

"Tu corazón es la tierra, tu confianza es el clima y tu ser es la Rosa Mística."- Osho

Second week: Tears

The tears go even deeper than the laughter. In the first week we already take off a little bit of the shell we had and we are more free - it's almost like magic how the tears are just below the laughter - ready to let go as soon as we allow it. And it's not very often that we allow ourselves to cry and even encourage it. There is a lot of conditioning for both men and women against crying - during these 3 hours a day for a whole week we allow all the tears we have repressed - tears of pain, sadness, anxiety and even fullness. Perhaps we have spent lifetimes repressing these tears - it is an opportunity to open the heart deeply.

Third week: The Observer

The third week we let everything settle into silence and space. We just observe. A very deep silence embraces us; it is an inner silence and space that we may never have experienced before. Within the 3 hours of sitting in silence there are periods of gentle movement for the body. The role of the facilitator is to guide and care for the space so that everyone feels permission and confidence to do the process fully for themselves.

"I have invented many meditations, but perhaps this is the most essential and fundamental."
"I have invented many meditations, but perhaps this is the most essential and fundamental."

- Osho