Osho's teachings and meditations were my first teacher on the spiritual path - and the most important, because, like many people, it was pain and trauma that led me to seek healing and deeper meaning in my life. I saw how psychoanalysis and allopathic medicine did not help the most important person in my life, and what I was seeking without really knowing it was a transformation to understand this reality. That's how I came to India, to the Mystic Rose of Osho in 2013. It had never been my thing to follow gurus and teachers or to do weird therapies, but in the Osho processes I always experienced a positive transformation. After doing that process I changed my name to Ananda and, without looking back, I have dedicated my life to meditation and transformation techniques.

I am a facilitator of Osho's active meditations and meditative therapies since 2015, Pune, India. I am also a teacher of Gurdjieff's Sacred Movements and Sacred Dances from the Amiyo Devienne school in France and Taoist practices from the Mogadao school in Santa Fe, USA.